Thursday, 12 May 2011

Frozen moments (Part-1)

I was wondering…wat my first post would be about….Well, I thought it would be nice to write about the ‘happy days’  I always(n I’ll always) look behind..The best part of my life which had a great impact on my character n my entire personality…  I take pleasure in mentioning, I had 14yrs of schooling in one n only school (not many get this wonderful opportunity!)…the ISO certified institution, YRTV! The reputed school… well-known for its academic n non-academic activities n the faculty dedicated to the institution are responsible for who I’m now n where I stand..There are soooo many things worth remembering, recalling and remarking when I think of my second home…I won’t be able to put them all in order with its exact essence…just giving a try to refresh my beautiful memories cum experiences..!

            (Warning: This is going to be a very lengthy post…kindly bear with it!!)

Let me start with my kindergarten…I remember most of the time crying n the teacher convincing me…my mom still says, that I cry everyday to go to school but was good at telling rhymes n the stories taught.. I don’t remember how well I mingle with other kids that time..but mildly I could remember that 2 boys were my best friends dur that time…n it was with them I play most of the time…!(note:only at the age of 4!!)..aft entering the primary school…I started mingling with the girls! It was then we started having a ‘set’(as we used to tell ourselves!) on our own and the rule for the members of the set is not to talk to the any other set in the class…cos of which I used to get eliminated from the set at times n will be one more girl who I started saying as my ‘best friend’! that elimination may at times make me feel upset…so funny to think of it now! It was in 3rd std we were divided into two sections.. i was happy that my best friend was in the same section with me though I got separated from many of our set members(I dint mind abt it then)..i could remember a north-indian friend I got, who never knew a word in tamil..i got closer with her..she used to come to my home daily n we do our homeworks  together…within a yr she started understanding tamil well and 2 yrs were enough for her to speak tamil fluently…! It was from 3rd to 5th, I was attached with a group of 4 girls…used to have lunch with them n chatter with them a lot though I talk to my other class mates too...I very well remember the Christmas celebration dur 5th std when I was the ‘Santa Claus’ n kept it a secret even to my close frnds…they somehow found out from my body language then! Swimming classes, pt periods, library, craft n extra-curricular classes kept us all active at the age…That was the time I learnt classical dance and karate (extremes though!) regularly attending classes…and was very good at studies too…never gave up the first rank and general proficiency till 5th std..i was an active kid and won prizes in the intra-school oratorical, essay, singing, acting n drawing competitions (my mom was behind energising my inner potents!)
It was then we entered our senior block…6th std..(having a farewell celebration in junior block aft 5th std..!)..we were the senior most in junior block the yr before..n then we were looked upon as kids though we were wearing salwar n our class boys, pants! Felt so strange in the new environment…never knowing how to behave in the teacher-less classes n how much louder to talk…! Most of the time, whole class will be found outside the classroom kneeling down…punishment from the staff handling 12th std! we was so stupid for our staff to have put our classroom next to the senior-most class…how much ever we were punished, we never gave ourselves a chance to maintain silence! the next grade we were put in a separate block, so that nobody gets disturbed of us…we took so much advantage out of it, had no limits in our mischiefs…and the only person who had a control over us was our class teacher, to whom we were so respectful… The nicknames with which we used to tease each other, the bet matches played with the other section, cold war between the two sections, the fun dur school day n sports day celebrations…all in my memory still…! For the first time…I had a serious fight (!) with my so called best friend, for I said something dur a throw-ball match (!)…so upset I became..she dint talk to me properly then…n got closer with few other friends of her… one more thing happened was..i lost my proficiency for the first time as I missed an exam due to my ill health…that too made me bit upset… I was given 2nd as my aggregate total was higher… the next yr, I became more studious… I never cared wat my friends were doing, wat my classmates gossiped behind me, wat all was happening inside the class…nothing.. My only focus was academics n next to tat…Quiz! That was the time when I gave entry to the world of quizzing n was so much interested in it, tat i cared a little about wat was going around me…a ‘pucca nerd’ I was! I still wonder how I was so… (only later I became aware of the stories tat were spun by my classmates with me in it..!) I got an established name in the school n became the pet of many staff then…but I was poor as I had no true friends around me! I had frnds to talk to..but none to share everything of me n none whom I cared abt so much… I dint realize the importance of relationships too…till I got wonderful ppl around me the next yr…that transformed me differently...n made me feel greater than before… ( …to be continued…)

P.S: This post is dedicated to all the wonderful characters I met in my school…my classmates, friends n teachers… reading this might have made u exhaustive (sorry!)… this is just to keep my very old memories afresh!!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


My first attempt to write a blog...Well, I can say myself as a 'beginner' in blogging (as the title indicates!)...I started off with this.. to make my vacation aft the 3rd yr of college, a worthy n content one..and it is the inspiration I drew from my friends' blogs, that I decide to write one on (n for) my own! Hope this will remain as a wonderful collection of my treasured memories of different times of my life...remembrance of my past-(experiences n happy moments)...reflection of my inner voices!.... precious ppl i met in my life..
Wish I do blog frequently n make myself feel always..."EXCITED TO BE ALIVE"!!:)