Sunday, 17 July 2011

Amazing kindness..

          Its career counselling time...for the school passed-outs of the present year..Our college campus, in particular the briefing hall near our dept is all-time filled with anxious parents n nervous students..and we hardly find a path to walk across in the area! Seeing them, makes me go back to my counsel day when I was disquieted, till I chose my course. Right after I joined CEG, I wished, few of my school juniors too get a chance to learn here..n it happened for the three consecutive years n am sooo happy about it..!!
         It feels good when u get visitors, whom u're very well acquainted to, who extend sooo much of kindness towards u..tat too from ur hometown, when u're far apart! It happened to me, when i got to spend time with three families on three days in two weeks...who came to my coll for the counselling session.. I took responsibility of alleviating the unwanted confusions of my three well known school juniors n their parents who came here..just for few words of mine, about the things i knew well..the kindness, the families showed me back stunned me!
         The second saturday dawned late for me..and i woke up with a call from my junior who asked if i could meet him n his parents, as they were there to look up vacancy positions for his counsel the next day. Though his idea was to join medical dur the second phase counsel, he was there to have a back up seat... I knew his father as he is my chithappa's best friend n had talked to his mother occasionally...That was enough for me to start up a long conversation, taking them around coll...n most of the time i was suggesting him a good back up course in my own campus..! I took them to our canteen then n they made me drink two big cups of juice..n it dint end there..when they were abt to leave in the noon, I was pleasantly surprised when they invited me for lunch at their relative's first i thought it was just for formality, but then i realised they meant it so seriously n i couldn't deny! A calm home at adyar, a very kind old lady n a jovial handsome guy there!..home-made nonveg food...everything i liked!! I became bit emotional when uncle started talking a lot abt my late was actually nice to hear him remember so many little things of him, even aft his demise 13yrs back.. i adored their wonderful relationship! Aft a stomach-full lunch n interesting conversation, they dropped me back in coll aft an hour... I felt good to have made them happy with my presence..n of course i too had a good time with them!
                On Tuesday, another junior boy of my school, who is also my neighbour n his mom, a good friend of my mom came for counsel..He already had a seat confirmed at the newly opened, famous Shiv Nadar University in Noida..besides, he was there for a back up seat...The sure seat in a reputed institution kept him n his parents cool of the next day session! Similar incident as the last time happened again...when they were abt to leave in the eve, they just asked till wat time i can be out of hostel..n as soon as i answered, they invited me for dinner outside..I took them to our habitual See rock restaurant n on the way we went inside IIT, the huge campus of which made them awe struck! I met them the next day too aft the counsel...n i was touched when they said 'thanks for being with us n we had a good time with u!', while leaving..
              Another fav junior of mine, supposed to be my best friend's bro whose parents too are well related to me, as my respected school chemistry teacher n my dad's school frnd were here on Sunday! I could meet them only aft he opted for a coll, as i was out of campus for an first i wasn't sure if i could meet them, as i'd travel from a distant place..but then i reached soon n they were waiting for me! Felt delighted to see the three very well acquainted faces..had a long conversation abt his chosen architecture course n lots more abt myself n my coll...they made me have my lunch at canteen though they had to leave soon n handed over a big bag of snacks while leaving! My teacher was so concerned that i needed rest though i volunteered to walk them up to the entrance gate..i was moved when they said 'it was thru me, they got the idea of joining him in b.arch n thanks for tat!'.. Actually, I had to thank the three families for the wonderful time spent with them!!

P.S: This post is dedicated to the three families who extended amazing kindness n i thank them for being sooo sweet to me!!

The wonderful soul!

            July18,2009..the most tragic day in my life till now.. even aft going to my relative's place tat mrng..I wished i cud've said a bye to her before coming there...but I dint as it was too early n she was sleepin...but i never expected she'll tell us all a good bye n leave this world.....cos it was only tat aftnoon i saw a missed call from her number on my mobile n when i tried to call her back,couldn't reach n so i just sent her a msg..(it still remains a mystery if the call was done by her or by someone else aft the feels sooo bad to think of the terrible accident n the loss of three precious lives:(:()
           I dint believe the news when my frnd said..i asked her not to believe n kept on prayin it shud not be so! I rushed to hostel from my relative's place to know wat really has mishappened...cud'nt control my tears when i heard frm my frnd tat pavith told so.."How can Subha go there without even telling me a gonna fight with her when she comes back"..she was my first best frnd in coll..i never thought i wud get along with her..the day one i saw her..but then..i resided in her room almost all time...can never forget the wonderful times spent in IGH S-12 wit pavith n gayu...v three...the best,envious trio! A very talented n dedicated B.Arch student she was, a great friend to all her classmates and a wonderful person to be with! 
         Sooo many silly fights, midnight chats, soo much fun n laughter, all-time teasing each other, sooo much care to wipe each others' tears...wish those times are back!!! My first b'day celebrated in coll... just 4days aft the day v joined...was made remarkable by her...but the next yr...aft v became sooo close..she was not wit celebrate my day!...My thoughts wander often..around her parents, sis smrithi, best frnd parvathi, bro karthik n her relatives..hope n pray they get along with their lives...
           Time flies so fast...can never imagine how life in this coll passed 2 yrs without her...not a single day pass by without her many things around me remind me of her...her memories are still her! I believe she is ever around us...She'll be always in our thoughts n hearts...Miss u a lot Pavithra...:(:(:(