Sunday, 17 July 2011

The wonderful soul!

            July18,2009..the most tragic day in my life till now.. even aft going to my relative's place tat mrng..I wished i cud've said a bye to her before coming there...but I dint as it was too early n she was sleepin...but i never expected she'll tell us all a good bye n leave this world.....cos it was only tat aftnoon i saw a missed call from her number on my mobile n when i tried to call her back,couldn't reach n so i just sent her a msg..(it still remains a mystery if the call was done by her or by someone else aft the feels sooo bad to think of the terrible accident n the loss of three precious lives:(:()
           I dint believe the news when my frnd said..i asked her not to believe n kept on prayin it shud not be so! I rushed to hostel from my relative's place to know wat really has mishappened...cud'nt control my tears when i heard frm my frnd tat pavith told so.."How can Subha go there without even telling me a gonna fight with her when she comes back"..she was my first best frnd in coll..i never thought i wud get along with her..the day one i saw her..but then..i resided in her room almost all time...can never forget the wonderful times spent in IGH S-12 wit pavith n gayu...v three...the best,envious trio! A very talented n dedicated B.Arch student she was, a great friend to all her classmates and a wonderful person to be with! 
         Sooo many silly fights, midnight chats, soo much fun n laughter, all-time teasing each other, sooo much care to wipe each others' tears...wish those times are back!!! My first b'day celebrated in coll... just 4days aft the day v joined...was made remarkable by her...but the next yr...aft v became sooo close..she was not wit celebrate my day!...My thoughts wander often..around her parents, sis smrithi, best frnd parvathi, bro karthik n her relatives..hope n pray they get along with their lives...
           Time flies so fast...can never imagine how life in this coll passed 2 yrs without her...not a single day pass by without her many things around me remind me of her...her memories are still her! I believe she is ever around us...She'll be always in our thoughts n hearts...Miss u a lot Pavithra...:(:(:(

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  1. I miss her too.. badly wish I'd got to be with her for some more time... :(